An approach that incorporates the idea of art into business is called "art thinking (art thinking)." We deliver “art-thinking” serivices that emphasize physical experience.

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"Art Thinking" to train your imagination

Art thinking means "incorporate the artist's thinking into business." So what is the artist's idea? Of course, it depends on the person, but if you use it for business, it can be characterized in two broad ways.

Individual search, personal expression

The first one is "individual search" in which you do what you want to do. This is exactly the way an artist does. For "individuals" in the new era, exploring "what you really want to do" is directly related to what you will do in the future. Because no one can give you a solution


Impro-creativity comes from the two words of “improvable”, which is the improbableness of physical art, being proposed by Professor Sylvai, Europe's leading art thinker. and “improvisation (improvisation, then physical experiences)".

Social issues

When you will make art works in art-thinking workshop, you should jump out of business and create your own ideas, but if you just develop real free concept into art, it maybe a wasting time. You should "return" to your business, and give the meaning to the business by yourself. For this reason, the theme of art creation seems to be just the right social issue for companies and business people.

• This is a very different point from “design thinking”. Design thinking is a method that you should use your creativity to solve “client issues”.

• In the past, "design" itself, which is the basis of design thinking, used to represent design and refers to "good looks" such as logos, naming, and package design. However, in recent years, it has expanded beyond the appearance to the point of sales and apromotion in the field, the design of IP and intellectual property that is hard to imitate by competitorsappearance, based on the behavioral science of human beings, and the cognitive science.

→See Design Thinking (under construction) for more information.

It can be said that the design greatly expands its target area from visible things to invisible things .


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Art-thinking provided by B O D A I

Draw your own tasks with abstract paintings

In the Art Thinking Workshop provided by BODAI, "self-issues" are expressed with abstract paintings. By presenting this to the team and receiving feedback, everbody will open up personal thoughts within the team and increase the team's psychological safety. Sometimes it is easy to draw self-expression art instead of normal introducing yourself.

Expressing social issues with team work

Next, several members of the team create artwork using social issues. This is a slightly different approach than an artist who creates artworks alone. By making a team, the relationship between the teams will increase dramatically. It reflects other people's perspectives directly, and you can naturally learn other people's skills and ways of thinking. In the process of becoming the final product, you will have the experience of sharing well with the team and finishing up good things.

Learning from this experience is huge, and it is a chance to break the "existing mind walls" and to experience the removal of existing concepts in front of you, so you can see the challenge and the change in behavior Will be.

Being able to learn from other people's perspectives that cannot be learned in ordinary places such as meetings. To use other people's skills better. These are very important for strengthening team relationships.

• If you think about it, art works are created individually and presented in galleries, but it is not easy to know the opinions of viewers. This may be like having a business plan on your own and going to a meeting but not getting good feedback.

• Compared to this, the experience of the team working together to create art works is a bit different from the experience of the artist。

WTypes of Workshop

Three-day course: This is a full-fledged course in which team building is performed firmly, various programs are utilized, and artists participate. An "art x wine" workshop may also be included. Finally, a general exhibition of art works will also be held.

One-day course: You can experience the essence of the three-day course in one day. Recommended if you are busy.

Half-day course: This course is mainly for team building. This is useful for new employee training or when creating a new team.

Cooperation with entrepreneur courses of domestic and foreign universities

These art-thinking were born on the entrepreneur course at Stanford University. Also, art-thinking were also born at the Grande Ecole ESCP Business School in Paris. Prof. BUREAU SYLVAIN B O D A I works in conjunction with the "Art Thinking_Improbable" method, and incorporates independently. Yuji Machida is also qualified to provide a workshop for Professor Sylvain. Professor Sylvain's workshop will be a three-day course only.

Yuji Machida is the advisor of "Arts evonomics" which is held by the Office of Society Academia Collaboration for Innovation of Kyoto Univercity. Click here for the presentation at the conference.

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