Business Communication Design

Business Communication Design

We provide design work for diagrams and concepts used in business, in cooperation with designers and professionals, from a management perspective.

What is Business Communication Design?

Design goes beyond design.

In Japan, design used to refer to "design" such as logos and packages.

But in recent years, the concept of design has covered with much larger area. Designed products are distributed to the point where they are delivered to customers, arranged at sales sites, and even designed to sell.

In addition, the era of designing itself intuitively, relying on the senses of famous designers, is changing.

Designs backed by science such as brain science and behavioral economics are also attracting attention.

In addition, the word "design management" has become increasingly active in incorporating the concept of design and the designer himself into management.

At this time, the design is clearly recognized as one of the tools for corporate revitalization.

This activity is referred to as "Business Communication Design (BCD)" and is provided in cooperation with lawyers' offices.

Business Communication Design

Business communication design provided by B O D A I

B O D A I combines the know-how of “expression of management message” and “design” cultivated through corporate revitalization and problem solving used for internal and external communication.

For example, a company that needs rehabilitation or a company that is subject to the Civil Rehabilitation Act must tell stakeholders where the company is heading.

At this time, it is more likely that management wants to communicate more efficiently by using simple charts that can be understood and communicated by certain experts using design skills, rather than using text.


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