Yuji Machida

Now, art and design have come into the business. From the standpoint of having been a management consultant and a painter for many years, it seems that the two areas, art/design and the business finally have been merged. Business and art have been said to be the opposite counterpart in the past. Business is problem-solving, based on "left brain". Art is based on free ideas and comes from "right brain". Usually, these consepts are described like this. But actually, it's not such simple. Business problem-solving also uses a considerable amount of "right brain"; for defining the issues and jumping ideas for problem-solving. On the other hand, although art has a huge degree of freedom, it is an expression that conveys things, concepts and ideas of ideas to people, logical-thinking should be used as well as using the "left brain", and if you do not adopt logic in the method, it will not spread. In other words, distinctions such as the "left brain" and "right brain" are meaningless.

When we are involved in the areas of new business, design and art or something, we are required to be "creative"or to have "creativity". It is a very exciting and rewarding scene. However, no creativity can be established without basics or a lot of basic practises. Creativity is made up of a very basic part of problem solving skills. This has a strong correlation with the area of design in particular. What is the problem and how to solve it? Where do you concentrate on creativity? How does human psychology work? Even though we are thinking freely, nothing is born.

Based on the foundation of problem solving, B O D A I will realize various new values using creativity.

Scientific Approach - Behavioral economics and brain science -

Recently, research to explain the effect of art and design has developed by behavioral economics and brain science. "Art Thinking" and art activities have the same effect as meditation / mindfulness. Also, design can be proven scientifically. And the result of brain science proves that art and design give for human wellness.

On the other hand, since corporate activities are people's behavior, management issues strongly related to the feelings of people. Needless to say, people are 90% of management. However, issues of people and issues of how people feel have not been easily grasped by management. The isssues of this human mind can be changed by the way of art-thinking and design-thinking. How do we see things differently? How do we see what we cannot see? Even if we see the same thing, why do we feel the different things? How can we find the different meaning?. How can we challenge forward with limited time and resources? How do you share it with your team? A big hint is hidden in the problem of human mind.

Now, the boader of every indusrty melts out, and the integration of various industries is occurring. By thinking from a different viewpoint, the axis of new growth will be visible. Let's get out of the existing concept and be fully open our creativity and let us create a new and exciting future together.

Yuji Machida, The founder and CEO of B O D A I, Co., Ltd


Graduated from Kyoto University in 1991, BA in law. Joined McKinsey and Company the same year. Was IT, high-tech, internet related practice leader at Osaka office, Tokyo office, Seoul office and Shanghai office. Did a lot pf studies of strategy, change organization, M&A, urban development and many others mainly in IT, internet, Mobile,area. Was in charge of recruitment / education as well. The Roger Klein award winner. Associate principal.

Opend his own office after joined for Rimnet Corporation, Unison Capital, etc.

Establised B O D A I, Co., Ltd in September 2013. Developed personnel semi-evaluation and gratitude-expression sending service named "Rigato" etc. Business consulting, change organization for new business, IoT / AI business. Faculty for ISL Management Seminar .

Advisor to Too Corp., specialized in creators/ design / art industries.

Advisor to "AERTS ECONOMICS" of Endored Research Chair Innovation Management Science of Kyoto Univercity.

Advisor to the Govener of Tokyo (2017-18).

Painter based in New York and Tokyo. A solo exhibition was held in New York in 1999.