"Art thinking" greatly reinforces design thinking

Posted in 2020

For nearly 20 years, BODAI has been developing its own approach by incorporating art into business. Also, as a course approved by the Ministry of Education, a new course on “arts economics” has been started fall in 2018 at IMS, Kyoto University's Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Center. This course is directly supported by BODAI. In 2018, the Art Thinking course, which started at Stanford University and matured for 10 years at ESCP University in Paris, first landed in Japan. B O D A I has started a new initiative to link and fuse with these three trends to create new businesses and disclose the methods themselves.

Painter / Artist Activities

Posted in 2018

B O D A I has been active as a painter and artist since starting a solo exhibition in New York in 1999. We perform a wide range of activities, from landscape paintings depicting unique colors and oil paintings such as portraits, to live painting events in collaboration with musicians.

Advisor to Management

Posted 45 minutes ago

Stay close to the Owner presidents and management exectives, supporting various management. We are also educating next generation management exectives.

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