Let's enhance the team's relationship by taking care of keeping calmness emotion and objectivity

A person is a creature of emotion. When something happens, the person easilly arises negative-thinking, becoming emotional, and not being in a very good condition on the brain.

The amygdala part of the brain has a big influence on emotion.

So, accept the facts which is happning in front of you. You should not grasp the implications in a big way, Without escaping or covering, think what is happening is right.

FTo do so, it is very important that teams have psychological safety and strong relationships. By this we can keep each person with calm emotion.

Let's take a breath and accept the situation before suddenly going into details of the contents of the work.

Let's stop limiting the imagination

The imagination of a person grows a person greatly, and also, easilly makes a limit to growth.

There is a limit to one's ability to demonstrate creativity. Let's share and incorporate the viewpoints and skills of other people of the team at a deep level in art thinking.

Sooner or later, creativity can be drawn out unexpectedly.

Then let's try a lot of challenges, even if they are still small.

Let's relax and sit back to see from various angles

The business situation is full of stress. If you put pressure on yourself too much, it becomes the worst state as "killer stress", and it will become a depressive state either.

The outcome is important because it is the purpose of the cpmpany, but if a person or its brain that is is damaged, it is totally overturned.

p>While concentrating, let's settle loose and relax.

Let's see what I can not see so far

If you repeat these and use imagination, you may be able to see something invisible.

We would like to increase such teams and expand our creativity and humanity to society.