What is art-thinking

"To generate creative ideas based around your own axis, like an artist.""

What is the self axis?

The self axis is your guideline for action, your purpose in life, and your goal. If you leave it, you lose your identity. A strong interest, something that is at the center of the various events around you.

When we are aware of our own axis, our perceptions become stronger, and our thoughts and actions become more aligned. It becomes a great foundation for the rest of your life. It becomes the passion that drives you. It will be a theme that will move people's hearts and attract their sympathy.

How to find and create your own axis

Your personal axis is the pillar of your inner self. It's what you find interesting, what you like, what you've done without anyone telling you. Write it down and make a list, or ask a trusted senior or colleague.

How to incorporate it into your business