Business × Open mind × Design × Art × Inspirqtion = "BODAI"

The word "BODAI" comes from the phrase, Business, Open mind, Design, Art, Inspiration

Greetings from the President

Design and art elements have come to be included in business. From the standpoint of someone who has worked as both a management consultant and a painter for many years, I feel that the two fields are finally coming together. In the past, business and art were said to be opposites. Business is about problem solving and is left-brained. Art is about free thinking and is right-brained. This is usually how it is organized. In reality, however, it's not that simple. Business problem solving also requires a significant amount of the right brain. Defining the problem and jumping to ideas to solve it.... Art, on the other hand, has a lot of freedom. On the other hand, art, although it has a high degree of freedom, is an expression that conveys things, concepts, and ideas to others. If you don't think logically and incorporate logic into your methods, you will not be able to convey your message. In other words, superficial distinctions such as left-brain and right-brain are not very meaningful.

Being involved in the area of new business, design and art requires "creativity" and "inventiveness". It is a very exciting and rewarding scene. However, no creativity is possible without fundamentals and basics. It is made up of the very basics of problem solving skills. This has a particularly strong correlation to the area of design. What is the problem and how do you solve it? Where do we focus our creativity? How does the human mind work? Nothing will come out of just randomly thinking freely.

ODAI is committed to realizing a variety of new values through creativity, while respecting the fundamentals of problem solving.

Domains of human behavior and the brain - a scientific approach

Recently, research has been developed to explain the effects of art and design in terms of behavioral economics and brain science. Thinking artistically and art activities themselves have the same effect as meditation/mindfulness. Also Design itself can be scientifically proven. And the results of neuroscience show the overwhelming effect of art and design on human wellness. The results of brain science have proven the overwhelming effect of art and design on human wellness.

On the other hand, since corporate activities are the actions of people, issues related to people and their feelings are very significant. Needless to say. People are 90% of management. However, the issue of people and their feelings has been difficult to grasp in management. This issue of feelings can be changed considerably by incorporating design-thinking and art-thinking. How do we see things differently? How can we see what we cannot see? Even if we see the same things and encounter the same things, how do we feel and what do we take as meaning? With limited time and resources, how much can we challenge ourselves positively? How can we share it with the team? There is a big clue hidden in the issue of the human mind.

Right now, the edges of every domain are melting away and a fusion of various industries and sectors is taking place. By thinking from a different perspective By thinking from a different perspective, we can see a new axis for growth. Let's get out of the box, unleash our creativity, and create a new and exciting future together. Let's create a new and exciting future together.

Yuji Machida, Founder of BODAI

Founder's history and work history

Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Law. He joined McKinsey & Company the same year. Worked at the Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai offices for a total of 14 years. He is the Asia Practice Leader for IT, High Tech and Internet. He has worked on many projects including organizational transformation, acquisitions, and urban development. He has also served as a recruiter and trainer for many years. Winner of the Roger Klein Award. He was the Asocite Partner After working for Rimnet Corporation and Unison Capital, he became independent. In September 2013, he started his own company, BODAI Corporation. He had developed his own "Art Thinking". Consulting on corporate revitalization and organizational transformation, and also consulting on new businesses and IoT/AI businesses. He is also an associate professor and faculty member of Graduate School of Leadership and Innovation Shizenkan University in Japan. 2018 - Advisor to "Arts Economics", Innovation Management Science Research Division, Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Headquarters, Kyoto University. 2017-18 - Advisor to the Governer of Tokyo. Special Counselor to the Headquarters for Metropolitan Government Reform.

As a painter, he held a solo exhibition in New York in 1999. He is still producing and selling his works.