Feb 3

Nikkei Cross Trend interviewed us.

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  • Nov 20

    I spoke at the World Art Thinking Conference in Paris.

  • 2018

  • Dec 17

    I spoke at Arts Economics Kyoto 2018.

  • Nov 1

    We were interviewed by "Design Surf Online".

    Design Surf Online", which looks at the other side of design, interviewed me about art thinking.

    Read more 「Design thinking!」 (Japanese only)

  • Oct 23

    I spoke at the Kyoto University Arts Economics

    I spoke as a judge at the demo day on December 6 and as a speaker at the conference on December 7.

    We are also collaborating with Design Surf Kyoto

  • Jul 23, 2018

    I participated in the Art-thinking course.

    I attended an Art Thinking class that was born and matured at Stanford and ESCP University in France.

    What is Art-thinking? Innovation doesn't happen if you're a good girl/boy. Framework for Breaking Through in Times of Uncertainty